2015 - 2016 Affton Education Foundation Teacher Grant Recipients

Every year, the Affton Education Foundation encourages teachers to apply for grants to support their unique efforts in the classroom. For the 2015-2016 school year, a total of 31 grants were awarded to 33 individuals from Early Childhood Education through High School. AEF Teacher Grants enrich the curriculum by providing extra activities, technology and materials. Total grant monies awarded amounted to $26,432.62. The recipients were:

Jacqueline Beyer
Ellen Birkedal
Ashley Blair
Chris Boley
Jennifer Conkwright
Brian Esselman
Natalie Gragnani
Paula Gyllenborg
Nicki Hejlek
Brian Jennings
Michelle Kersting
Natalie Kilgore
Tim Knox & Allyson Wall
Patrick Kramer
Cheryl Ladd
Julie Livingstone
Mary Beth Merlo & Gina Stewart
Jennifer Molsbee
Alison Nixon
Barbara Paulick
Michelle Pelizzaro
Laura Pezzani
Kate Pitcher
Daniel Polokonis
Judith Rethwisch
Trudy Sanders
Laurie Scheurer
Jenny Stark
Anna Steffen
Jason Stockwell
Jennifer Wintergalen