Affton Community Approves Props I+N

By Erica Chandler

Affton family, thank you for supporting our schools and our children November 8 at the polls! The official results are in, and Props I and N have been approved by the voters.

Props I and N will provide long-term financial stability for the district by balancing the budget, avoiding further cuts in staff and programs, maintaining the ability to pay teachers a competitive salary, and enabling the district to continue its capital improvement program of keeping buildings well maintained with up-to-date educational spaces. This will include:

  • Renovating classrooms to 21st Century standards throughout the district,
  • Improving safety and security in every building throughout the district,
  • Implementing Capital Improvement Plan renovations at Gotsch Intermediate, to include a secure entry, a new gymnasium and eight new classrooms, ADA improvements, and cafeteria renovation,
  • Implementing Capital Improvement Plan renovations at Rogers Middle School, to include a secure entry, two new classrooms, ADA improvements,  and
  • Implementing Capital Improvement Plan renovations at Affton High School, to include locker room restoration and renovation.

“The progress and achievement that Affton School District has seen is thanks largely in part to the loyal and unwavering support of the Affton community,” said Dr. Steve Brotherton, superintendent. “My sincere thanks go out to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make Props I and N a success, and especially to our community members who are dedicated to keeping our schools and our community Affton Strong.”

In celebration, we’ll have an Affton Spirit Day this Thursday, November 10. Be sure to wear your purple and gold to show your #afftonstrong pride!